Sensei Barbara Shoshin Craig, rms

Sensei Barbara Shoshin Craig, rmsBarbara Craig, a sister of Mercy, began her study of zen in the early 90’s under the direction of Roshi Janet Jinne Richardson, csjp. Janet, along with Sensei Rosalie Jishin McQuaide, csjp., founded the Zen Community of Baltimore/Clare Sangha, and it was with this group that Barbara worked very closely. In 1997, as an apprenticing teacher, Barbara and Stephanie Olek, a Sister of Mercy, started a zen group in Wilkes-Barre, PA. Soon after, the group became known as the Flowing River Sangha. In June of 2002, Barbara was installed as a zen teacher (Sensei) with the Dharma name of Shoshin. She is Dharma Successor of Roshi Janet Jinne Richardson in the lineage of the White Plum Asanga. 

Barbara’s life as a Sister of Mercy for over fifty years has included teaching Spanish, prison ministry, ministry among migrant farm workers, and involvement in various social outreach programs. Presently, along with the zen work, she continues as a peace and justice advocate in the local area and with the sisters of Mercy.

Sensei Dong Jen Weintraub

Dong Jen Weintraub

Dong Jen Weintraub began meditation practice in 2001.  She joined the Flowing River Sangha, studying with founder Barbara Craig-sensei.  Judy expanded the Flowing River Sangha to include Tuesday weekly meditation sessions.  She, with her husband Harvey, also provided Zen Meditation training as part of the Wellness Program at Misericordia University. Judy became a Dharma holder in 2009 and continued to study with Barbara Craig-sensei, receiving transmission in 2017.  Her dharma name is Dong Jen (“insightful”).

Judy received an AA degree, trained as a RN, as well as a BS degree from Wilkes University.  She works as the Administrator of the College of Health Sciences at Misericordia University. Judy lives in a wooded retreat with her husband.